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January 22, 2023
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Windows 10 wifi hotspot 5ghz free download

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Windows 10 wifi hotspot 5ghz free download

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How it works MyPublicWiFi? Setup and Start your virtual WiFi. Setup and Start your Multifunctional Hotspot. Network Configuration. Connection to your Hotspot. Stop your Hotspot. Stop your Hotspot You can stop your running Hotspot. Social media networks. Local network access. Internet access.

UPnP protocol. Maximum Number Of Clients. Monitor websites visited. Bandwidth Manager. Multilingual user interface. User Authentication. Connected Devices. The value of this column is in units of Gigahertz GHz. Channel : Channel number used by this wireless network.

Information Size :The total size in bytes of all Wi-Fi information elements received from this wireless network. Elements Count : The total number of Wi-Fi information elements received from this wireless network.

Company : The company that manufactured the router, according to the 3 first bytes of the MAC address. Router Model : The model of the router. This value is displayed only for routers that provide this information inside the Wi-Fi information elements. Router Name : The name of the router. Maximum Speed : The maximum speed in Mbps that you can get when connecting to this wireless network.

Detection Count : The number of times that this network was detected. For example, in the above screenshot, you can see that there are 25 wireless networks that use channel 6, 10 wireless networks that use channel 11, and so on The company name is determined according to the MAC address. If you want to use the most updated database, you can download it from the following link, and put in the same folder of WifiInfoView.

This feature is especially useful if you have multiple access points with the same name, because WifiInfoView allows you choose the access point to connect. If you don’t specify the MAC address, only the network name will be used. If the profile is not specified, WifiInfoView will try to find the right profile automatically. You can specify the GUID of the network adapter or part of the network adapter name. Here’s some examples: WifiInfoView. For example: WifiInfoView.

If you don’t specify this option, the list is sorted according to the last sort that you made from the user interface. Examples: WifiInfoView. For all save command-line options, you can specify empty filename in order to send the data to stdout, for example: WifiInfoView.

Open the created language file in Notepad or in any other text editor. Translate all string entries to the desired language. The 5GHz frequency only tends to short-range needs. Before you start working on making your computer recognize a 5GHz Wi-Fi, you have to confirm that your network adapter and router support the band. If you only see They also support 5GHz. However, if your PC supports 5GHz, you have to check your router to confirm if it supports the band.

If your router and network adapter support 5GHz, the steps below will show you how to fix the problem preventing your computer from recognizing the network. Your computer, network adapter, or router, could be stuck. Restarting your system and router will allow both devices to reinitialize their configurations and regain functionality. Turn off your router and shut down your computer, then unplug both machines from their power sources. Plug them back in and restart after a couple of minutes.

It can detect app conflicts and common bugs that are preventing the adapter from running correctly. The problem could be related to how your adapter is configured.

For example, the device may be programmed to search for only 2. Windows could be turning off the network adapter to save power. This means your Wi-Fi passwords, proxy settings, VPN applications, and other settings will be cleared. First, you should roll back to your previous driver if you started experiencing the problem after installing an update. To do that, you have to uninstall the current driver as it could be corrupt. Follow these steps:. If updating these drivers one after the other sounds stressful, head to the following guide to find out how to do it automatically.

Things will be a lot less complicated if you have a third-party application such as Auslogics Driver Updater.


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If you are looking for a quick and easy way to increase your internet speed, switching from GHz to 5GHz might give you what you’re. In order to watch 5GHz wireless networks, you have to use a wireless network adapter that supports 5 GHz channels. Download links are on the bottom of this. You’re probably reading this article because your Windows 10 or Windows 11 system can’t seem to detect a 5GHz Wi-Fi connection.❿

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