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January 21, 2023
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January 22, 2023

Windows 10 inaccessible boot device error free download.Error: Inaccessible Boot Device, How To Fix It Yourself [MiniTool Tips]

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Windows 10 inaccessible boot device error free download

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You can solve this by downloading anti-malware that can scan your PC for malware and remove them. It is a headache when you encounter the Inaccessible Boot Device problem. However, the many options to solve this error are enough to make sure that your PC does not suffer from this error. Give one a try as any of these will definitely work to resolve this type of BSOD. As usual, the issue can be solved by the above methods. However, under a few circumstances, the methods fail, even the computer fails to boot up.

You have to resort to the professional data recovery software – Recoverit to get the inaccessible data back. Follow the below steps to make it. On the next pop up Windows notification, select “Start”. The subsequent Windows notification will require you to format the USB so ensure to have those crucial data stored somewhere before proceeding. Then click the “Format” button to initiate the process.

This will begin creating the bootable drive so try not to eject the USB flash drive during this process. Some steps on the next actions to take will ensue or you may choose to view the full guide to begin the data recovery process. You may need to exercise some patience as creating bootable drive takes a while before getting the 3 easy techniques on the solution to data recovery. The Recoverit software will automatically launch after initiating the booting process from the bootable drive.

David Darlington. Let’s begin. The first step of solving the Windows 10 stop code Inaccessible Boot Device error is to understand what caused it. We will try to analyze a situation to understand this Windows error. So, one of the most occurrences of the Windows stop code – Inaccessible Boot Device error is observed during an official Windows upgrade. You are waiting for your Windows to reboot after the upgrade is finished but BAM!

Here’s what this means. It simply means that Windows lost access to your system’s partition during the reboot process and hence the stop code – “inaccessible” boot device error. Here are a few reasons that might have caused the Windows 10 stop code Inaccessible Boot Device error. Now that we know the basic causes of the Windows stop code Inaccessible Boot Device error, let’s know how to fix it!

If the stop code – Inaccessible Boot Device has occurred after a Windows update, you must uninstall the recently installed packages to fix it.

Step 5: Once the command prompt application opens up, type “dir c:” and hit “Enter”, C being the drive your Windows is installed in. Step 7: Note down the name of the recently installed package. Type in the command “dism. Make sure to use the recently installed package name instead of “[package name]”. The recently installed package has now been uninstalled from your system. If it was causing the Windows 10 stop code Inaccessible Boot Device error, your system must be fixed now! The next step is to fix the Windows 10 stop code Inaccessible Boot Device error is to update your drivers.

Step 3: Click to expand on the device that is causing the problem. Step 6: Follow the instructions that follow on your screen to update the device driver. Step 1: Depending on your device, the combination of keys to press during a reboot to enter BIOS mode differs.

Check on your system provider’s website. It usually is a combination of the “ESC” key and one of the “Function” keys. It fixes the Windows stop code Unmountable Boot Volume error too! It re-deploys the system image from scratch and fixes any potential conflicts or issues, in this case – the BSOD error, upon completion. File system initialization causes data on boot devices to be unrecognized. Error during initial system installation. Windows registry file is corrupted. Incorrect BIOS settings.

Computer hardware is faulty. Turn off your computer completely and open the side panel of the case laptops need to have the back cover removed. Check the memory and hard disk for obvious damage in turn, and replace with different interfaces. Then check for loose cables. If you have recently installed new hardware, it is recommended to remove this hardware first. After all checks are correct, restore the computer, and then disconnect all external devices, including mouse, keyboard, headset, etc.

Restart your computer and see if this error still persists. If the error is still not resolved, go to the next method. Uninstall the Recently Installed Updates via Command Prompt If you set Windows Update to install automatically , your computer may automatically install Windows updates without you noticing.

Enter the Windows Recovery Environment by forcibly shutting down and then rebooting the computer twice. In the Command Prompt window, type dir c: and press Enter. If your Windows installation is on another disk, replace c with the appropriate disk number. Type dism. Replace package name with the name of the installation package you remembered from the previous step.

Type exit and press Enter to exit Command Prompt. Enter Windows Safe Mode Safe Mode is a special diagnostic mode in Windows that allows you to start your computer without loading third-party device drivers, mainly for troubleshooting and fixing system errors. If the computer starts normally in safe mode without blue screen issues, then the problem is most likely with the driver.

You can make changes to these drivers as needed. Update or Reinstall the Driver Drivers are tools that assist Windows in using the hardware properly. In the Update Driver window, tap on the Search automatically for drivers option and wait for this process to complete. Right-click the computer name at the top, then click Scan for hardware changes. Perform Blue Screen Troubleshoot Troubleshoot is a utility in Windows 10 that can help you fix some common computer problems and can also be used to fix blue screen errors.

Remove Pending Updates That Are Not Yet Installed Some additional settings can cause Windows 10 to automatically install updates without notice, which means you can’t know if the update process is going well or if there’s an update that’s stuck and hangs.

In the Command Prompt window, enter the following three commands in sequence and press Enter after each command is entered to execute.

Please replace package name with the tag of the not-yet-installed update. Method 8. Check and Repair the Hard Drive If there are bad tracks or errors in your computer’s hard drive, it may lead to “Inaccessible Boot Device” error in Windows Press the Y button again to confirm the check at the next system reboot. Scan and Remove Viruses and Malware If you have viruses and malware on your computer, it may also cause the “Inaccessible Boot Device” error in Windows Type Windows Security and open it.

In the Current threats section, tap on the Scan options. Switch the default Quick scan to Full scan in the expanded menu, and tap the Scan now button.


Windows 10 inaccessible boot device error free download – How to Fix “Inaccessible Boot Device” Error in Windows 10

On the next pop up Windows notification, select “Start”.


Computer Troubleshooting – Windows 10 inaccessible boot device error free download

If that happens, some kind of transitory error interfered with one boot-up, but Windows recovers on the next restart.❿

Windows 10 inaccessible boot device error free download.How to Fix “Inaccessible Boot Device Error” in Windows 10?

1) Find a flash drive that you can format (> or + 8 GB) · 2) Make a bootable Windows 10 iso: · 3) Insert the flash drive into any USB port · 4). It looks like you have a corrupted boot file. Try these steps. replace.mead Windows ISO. Bootable USB or DVD drive. from the media and choose “. Solution 1: Uninstall the Recently Installed Packages · Solution 2: Update Your Drivers · Solution 3: Toggle AHCI Mode Value in BIOS to Enabled · Solution 4: Get. Summary: Inaccessible Boot Device is a BSOD error, Free Download for Windows Method 2: Update Device Drivers in Windows Malware frequently cause errors, including INACCESSIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE. You can solve this by downloading anti-malware that can scan your PC for malware and remove.

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