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Thanks to the 7 CRBB this reel is also the proper choice for fishing in brackish water, e. The forged longcast ABS spool is very tough and offers optimum casting properties due to the special LC spool rim.❿

Delphin Magma M3 medium feeder cm/g | Fishinda


It is possible to take out and set the place for move of bait. Its hollow braiding enables knot-free stitching by means of needle and thus creation of wide scale of various hook lines. It is of bright neon orange color. Knot — it is a high visibility line that you knot over the mainline at a specific point. Marking the line with knot — it will enable to hit the same spot every time. PowerbraiD Leader Art. Its properties enable that the bait can naturally blend with the surroundings.

PowerbraiD Vamp Art. Tie a complete hook link and than remove the green casing with a blunt knife side from a fish hook towards the end of the hook link. You will get such a fine and also strong hook link that in water will react as algae. PowerbraiD Chimera Art. L i n e s PowerbraiD Catfish Art. As well as the soluble strings, the sack dissolves after reaching the bottom; the bait then lies at the hook. As well as the soluble strings, the sack dissolves after reaching the bottom; the bait then freely lies at the hook.

It guarantees a very high strength and permanency of form with keeping of high elasticity. Before start of production is material calibrated to be guaranteed ideal conditions for processing. It is the prevention against cracking and shape deformation. Hooks are forged for increasing of strength in arch. There is a concentration of material in the places of extreme stress. It guarantees a permanency of form also by extreme charge.

The barb is also forged for increase of strength, mechanically sharpened and further is smoothed to absolute sharpness. In the last period of production is surface of hooks plated or anticorrosive painted. Their precisely shaped point has fast and precise penetration, anti-corrosive coating and a high level of flexibility. Any fish that feels this hook will have no way to get out.

We all know well that the hook point is the essential part of any hook, and a good hook is essential for the whole assembly. The whole point is formed of three blades with different angles making the spike not only sharp but also stiff, flexible and durable. A sharp tip pierces without resistance, as do the other tips, then the sharp edges impale their way smoothly without resistance.

Trust Grip – another very important part of the hook is the eye, the place for attaching the line. Although providing that the knot is tied perfectly, monofilament tends to strangle, which lowers its capacity. Thanks to anchoring, the reduction of the cut is minimized and the knot strength is increased. Size Unit 6 7pcs 8 8pcs 10 9pcs 12 9pcs 14 10pcs 16 11pcs Art. Size Unit 10 20pcs 11 21pcs 12 21pcs 14 21pcs 15 21pcs 16 21pcs Art. Size Unit 10 19pcs 11 20pcs 12 20pcs 13 20pcs 14 21pcs 15 21pcs Art.

Size Unit Feeder Delta Mejina 5 8pcs 6 8pcs 7 8pcs 8 9pcs 9 9pcs 10 10pcs Feeder Keiryu Art. Size Unit 6 17pcs 8 17pcs 9 17pcs 11 17pcs 12 17pcs 15 17pcs Feeder Iseama Art. Size Unit 5 15pcs 6 16pcs 7 16pcs 8 16pcs 11 16pcs 12 16pcs Carp Delta Chinu Art. Size Unit 1 7pcs 2 8pcs 3 8pcs 4 9pcs 5 9pcs 6 9pcs Art. Size Unit 1 5pcs 2 6pcs 4 7pcs 6 7pcs E: export sema.

Length Tr. The first two parts are telescopic and others are deploying. Easier handling in action, the rear parts can simply unplug and make stick shorter.

Made from fiberglass. Landing net handle Emotion in lengths 3 and 4 m. If you are interested in an exclusive landing net handle, then it is here for you graphite Emotion. Carp has shoulder-length 1m, deep of net is 1 m and fast folding center.

It comes without landing handle. Net is with the meter to measure your catch, so you can have immediately report about the size of the catch. Moreover, it is conceived as a bag for weighing, has a zip and handles. You are able to weighing the catch directly in the net bag. The lower part of the net is from ECO material Carp landing net Emotion has shoulder-length 1m, deep of net is1 m and two-piece screw-center. It comes with a one-piece graphite handle – centimeters.

In addition, the net is conceived as a bag for weighing, has a zip and handles. To the landing net can also buy one-piece of graphite handle Length Mesh Sections Size Material cm 5x5mm 2 60x60cm Al cm 5x5mm 3 50x50cm Al cm 5x5mm 2 70x70cm Al cm 5x5mm 3 60x60cm Al cm 5x5mm 3 70x70cm Al cm 5x5mm 3 60x60cm Al cm 5x5mm 3 70x70cm Al Art. Mesh Size 5x5mm 40x40cm 5x5mm 50x50cm 5x5mm 60x60cm 5x5mm 70x70cm Art.

Length Mesh Sections Size Material cm 5x5mm 1 40x40cm plastic cm 5x5mm 2 40x40cm plastic cm 5x5mm 2 60x60cm plastic cm 5x5mm 3 50x50cm plastic cm 5x5mm 2 70x70cm plastic cm 5x5mm 3 60x60cm plastic cm 5x5mm 3 70x70cm plastic cm 5x5mm 3 60x60cm plastic cm 5x5mm 3 70x70cm plastic Landing net Basic Net Float Art.

Length Mesh Sections Size 50cm 5x5mm 1 35x30cm 60cm 5x5mm 1 45x40cm 70cm 5x5mm 1 40x35cm Frame and nylon net Bait fish sinker Art.

Length Mesh Sections Size 70cm 5x5mm 1 40x35cm The deep-mesh landing net is fitted with a measuring tape, green anodized frame and EVA handle grip with ibuilt-in weighing scale up to 9 kg.

This landing net enables you to measure and weigh your catch immediately. Gaff – telescopic Art. Length Mesh Rings Diameter 50cm 5x5mm 3 25cm 60cm 5x5mm 3 30cm 70cm 5x5mm 4 30cm 80cm 5x5mm 4 35cm 90cm 5x5mm 4 35cm cm 5x5mm 5 40cm Keep net with float Art. Length Mesh Rings Diameter 50cm 15x15mm 3 25cm 60cm 15x15mm 3 30cm cm 15x15mm 4 40cm Keep net with float II Art. Length Mesh Rings Diameter 50cm 5x5mm 3 25cm 60cm 5x5mm 3 30cm 70cm 5x5mm 4 30cm 90cm 5x5mm 3 35cm cm 5x5mm 4 35cm cm 5x5mm 4 40cm Wire keep net Art.

Length Mesh Rings Diameter cm 4x4mm 7 35x40cm cm 4x4mm 9 35x40cm cm 4x4mm 11 40x50cm Keep net Match rubbered Art. Length Mesh Rings Diameter cm 6x6mm 7 35x40cm cm 6x6mm 9 35x40cm cm 6x6mm 11 40x50cm nets Excellent keep net with a diameter of 60 cm made from the ECO netting. Keep net has 2 circles, opening on the drawstring and large hole with side zipper along which is the meter. Keep net is an excellent option for long term storage of more fish.

Keep net with rubberized mesh is very friendly to fish, forbids to coupling of dorsal fin carp into the loops and is less prone to wear. Colour Length Weight Depth Hooks A 50mm 6,0g 1m 10 10 B 50mm 6,0g 1m 10 10 C 50mm 6,0g 1m 10 10 D 50mm 6,0g 1m 10 10 E 50mm 6,0g 1m 10 10 F 50mm 6,0g 1m 10 10 G 50mm 6,0g 1m 10 10 H 50mm 6,0g 1m 10 10 I 50mm 6,0g 1m 10 10 J 50mm 6,0g 1m 10 10 A 60mm 9,5g 2m 8 8 B 60mm 9,5g 2m 8 8 C 60mm 9,5g 2m 8 8 D 60mm 9,5g 2m 8 8 E 60mm 9,5g 2m 8 8 F 60mm 9,5g 2m 8 8 G 60mm 9,5g 2m 8 8 H 60mm 9,5g 2m 8 8 I 60mm 9,5g 2m 8 8 J 60mm 9,5g 2m 8 8 Shad Art.

Colour Length Weight Depth Hooks A 40mm 3,0g 3m 12 12 B 40mm 3,0g 3m 12 12 C 40mm 3,0g 3m 12 12 D 40mm 3,0g 3m 12 12 E 40mm 3,0g 3m 12 12 F 40mm 3,0g 3m 12 12 G 40mm 3,0g 3m 12 12 H 40mm 3,0g 3m 12 12 I 40mm 3,0g 3m 12 12 J 40mm 3,0g 3m 12 12 A 60mm 7,0g 3m 8 8 B 60mm 7,0g 3m 8 8 C 60mm 7,0g 3m 8 8 D 60mm 7,0g 3m 8 8 E 60mm 7,0g 3m 8 8 F 60mm 7,0g 3m 8 8 G 60mm 7,0g 3m 8 8 H 60mm 7,0g 3m 8 8 I 60mm 7,0g 3m 8 8 J 60mm 7,0g 3m 8 8 A 80mm 13,5g 3m 6 6 B 80mm 13,5g 3m 6 6 C 80mm 13,5g 3m 6 6 D 80mm 13,5g 3m 6 6 E 80mm 13,5g 3m 6 6 F 80mm 13,5g 3m 6 6 G 80mm 13,5g 3m 6 6 H 80mm 13,5g 3m 6 6 I 80mm 13,5g 3m 6 6 J 80mm 13,5g 3m 6 6 Jointed Art.

Colour Length Weight Depth Hooks A 35mm 1,5g 1m 12 – B 35mm 1,5g 1m 12 – C 35mm 1,5g 1m 12 – D 35mm 1,5g 1m 12 – E 35mm 1,5g 1m 12 – F 35mm 1,5g 1m 12 – G 35mm 1,5g 1m 12 – H 35mm 1,5g 1m 12 – I 35mm 1,5g 1m 12 – J 35mm 1,5g 1m 12 – Popper Art. Colour Length Weight Depth Hooks B 50mm 5g – 10 10 D 50mm 5g – 10 10 F 50mm 5g – 10 10 I 50mm 5g – 10 10 K 50mm 5g – 10 10 B 70mm 10g – 6 6 D 70mm 10g – 6 6 F 70mm 10g – 6 6 I 70mm 10g – 6 6 K 70mm 10g – 6 6 Minnow Pike Art.

Colour Length Weight Depth Hooks A 90mm 16g 3m 4 4 B 90mm 16g 3m 4 4 C 90mm 16g 3m 4 4 D 90mm 16g 3m 4 4 E 90mm 16g 3m 4 4 F 90mm 16g 3m 4 4 G 90mm 16g 3m 4 4 H 90mm 16g 3m 4 4 I 90mm 16g 3m 4 4 J 90mm 16g 3m 4 4 Bull Head Art.

Colour Length Weight Depth Hooks M 50mm 5,0g 3m 10 10 N 50mm 5,0g 3m 10 10 O 50mm 5,0g 3m 10 10 P 50mm 5,0g 3m 10 10 Q 50mm 5,0g 3m 10 10 M 70mm 8,5g 3m 6 6 N 70mm 8,5g 3m 6 6 O 70mm 8,5g 3m 6 6 P 70mm 8,5g 3m 6 6 Q 70mm 8,5g 3m 6 6 Art.

The D 70mm 6g 1,5m 8 8 E 70mm 6g 1,5m 8 8 body is made from hard, polypropylene material. The one-piece, F 70mm 6g 1,5m 8 8 integrally-moulded body and bill construction help to prevent G 70mm 6g 1,5m 8 8 H 70mm 6g 1,5m 8 8 bill breakages.

The lures are completed under two-ply epoxide paint, J 70mm 6g 1,5m 8 8 realistic colour and holographic foil to multiply the colour effect. Colour Size Weight Length F 0 1,8g 5cm G 0 1,8g 5cm H 0 1,8g 5cm I 0 1,8g 5cm J 0 1,8g 5cm F 1 3,2g 6cm G 1 3,2g 6cm H 1 3,2g 6cm I 1 3,2g 6cm J 1 3,2g 6cm F 2 5,8g 7cm G 2 5,8g 7cm H 2 5,8g 7cm I 2 5,8g 7cm J 2 5,8g 7cm Silver Lake Art.

Colour Size Weight Length K 0 1,8g 5cm L 0 1,8g 5cm M 0 1,8g 5cm N 0 1,8g 5cm O 0 1,8g 5cm K 1 3,2g 6cm L 1 3,2g 6cm M 1 3,2g 6cm N 1 3,2g 6cm O 1 3,2g 6cm K 2 5,8g 7cm L 2 5,8g 7cm M 2 5,8g 7cm N 2 5,8g 7cm O 2 5,8g 7cm packing l Silver Sounder A Art. Colour Size Weight Length F 6,9g 8,2cm G 6,9g 8,2cm H 6,9g 8,2cm I 6,9g 8,2cm J 6,9g 8,2cm F 8,9g 8,7cm G 8,9g 8,7cm H 8,9g 8,7cm I 8,9g 8,7cm J 8,9g 8,7cm F Twin Magic Art.

Colour Size Weight Length P 6,5g 8,5cm Q 6,5g 8,5cm R 6,5g 8,5cm S 6,5g 8,5cm T 6,5g 8,5cm P 8,1g 8,8cm Q 8,1g 8,8cm R 8,1g 8,8cm S 8,1g 8,8cm T 8,1g 8,8cm U S p i n n e r s Magic Art.

Colour Size Weight Length K 0 1,8g 5cm L 0 1,8g 5cm M 0 1,8g 5cm N 0 1,8g 5cm O 0 1,8g 5cm K 1 3g 5,8cm L 1 3g 5,8cm M 1 3g 5,8cm N 1 3g 5,8cm O 1 3g 5,8cm K 2 5,1g 6,3cm L 2 5,1g 6,3cm M 2 5,1g 6,3cm N 2 5,1g 6,3cm O 2 5,1g 6,3cm K 3 6,5g 7,2cm L 3 6,5g 7,2cm M 3 6,5g 7,2cm N 3 6,5g 7,2cm O 3 6,5g 7,2cm S W Spinners T X Y E: export sema.

Colour Size Weight Length G 2 9g 7,5cm H 2 9g 7,5cm I 2 9g 7,5cm J 2 9g 7,5cm K 2 9g 7,5cm L 2 9g 7,5cm M 2 9g 7,5cm G 3 14,5g 8,5cm H 3 14,5g 8,5cm I 3 14,5g 8,5cm J 3 14,5g 8,5cm K 3 14,5g 8,5cm L 3 14,5g 8,5cm M 3 14,5g 8,5cm G 4 21g 10cm H 4 21g 10cm I 4 21g 10cm J 4 21g 10cm K 4 21g 10cm L 4 21g 10cm M 4 21g 10cm G 5 27,5g 11cm H 5 27,5g 11cm I 5 27,5g 11cm J 5 27,5g 11cm K 5 27,5g 11cm L 5 27,5g 11cm M 5 27,5g 11cm G 6 40g 13cm H 6 40g 13cm I 6 40g 13cm J 6 40g 13cm K 6 40g 13cm L 6 40g 13cm M 6 40g 13cm Plain Wizard Art.

Colour Size Weight Length A 0 7,2g 7,5cm B 0 7,2g 7,5cm C 0 7,2g 7,5cm A 1 11g 9,5cm B 1 11g 9,5cm C 1 11g 9,5cm A 2 19g 11,3cm B 2 19g 11,3cm C 2 19g 11,3cm A 3 30g 13,5cm B 3 30g 13,5cm C 3 30g 13,5cm Wizard Art.

Size Unit 2,0mm 10pcs 3,1mm 10pcs 3,7mm 10pcs 4,4mm 10pcs Oval Rig Ring Art. Size Unit 4,5mm 10pcs 6,0mm 10pcs Ledger bead with swivel Art. Unit 5pcs E: export sema. Unit 5pcs Ledger bead with snap Art. Unit 5pcs Wrapping snap Art. Unit 10pcs Wrapping snap – set Art. Unit 5pcs Art. Unit 10pcs Lead clips – M Art. Unit 4pcs Cover of lead clip Art. Unit 20ps Lead Clips Art. Unit 10pcs Anti Tangle Booms Art. Length 50mm mm mm Helicopter Art. Length mm Lead clips Art.

Unit 10pcs Anti Tangle Boom with plastic tube Art. Length mm Anti Tangle Boom with shock absorber Art. Length mm tangle Lead clips set Art. Anti Tangle Boom bent Art. Length mm Anti Tangle Boom soft bent boom Art. Length mm Helicopter Super helicopter Delux helicopter Art. The spring-loaded HIP line clip spares the line and is perfectly suited for repeated and precise targeting of your feeding spot. The Emblem Spod is a synonym for highest durability and toughness at spodding for years now.

The Emblem Spod 35 SCW QD has been updated regarding the latest technology and now also offers the SCW line lay In combination with the longcast edge, the casting distance is thus additionally increased. The 90mm aluminum power handle optimizes the power transmission during retrieving and offers tremendous power reserves to retrieve even big spods over great distances fast and easily.

The bail is turned by hand to prevent unwanted turning during the cast. Both metal HIP line clips enable an easy handling during exact casts to the feeding spot and protect the line. Drag power: 15kg Technological features The bail is turned by hand. The extra-strong and distortion-proof stainless steel axis offers the necessary security, to direct even large specimen during the fight without making compromises and to cast also heavy leads.

The Crosscast convinces with its ultra-smooth running, tremendous retrieving power as well as its SCW line lay which enables longer casts due to less friction. Thanks to the QD drag system you can immediately adapt to different fishing and fighting situations. The longcast edge reduces line friction during the cast and thus enlarges casting distances additionally.

Perfect for remote feeding spots. The round HIP line clip protects the line and is optimally suited when the feeding spot has to be targeted with ultimate accuracy. Due to the transmission of 4. The solid stainless-steel axis offers highest resilience.

The Digigear II ensures an enduring smooth running and an optimal power transmission. The HIP line clip protects the line and is optimally suited for exact, repeating cast to your feeding spot. By combining the longast spool with a 45mm spool stroke also large weights can be cast to far remote spots.

The HIP metal line clip spares the line and is perfectly suited for accurate and frequent targeting of fishing spots with heavy spods.

The 45mm spool stroke allows extreme casting distances and offers massive retrieving power — perfect, when fishing over long ranges is required. The LC long casting edge features drastically less friction at the cast and maximizes the casting performance.

Thanks to the strong retrieving power also leads of g can be retrieved with ease. The 35mm spool stroke enables maximum distances. The Emcast offers all that at an outstanding price. Due to the special production process and the selected material, DAIWA can offer you a reel with high retrieving power and optimal distortion-proofness at an outstanding price-performance ratio.

Depending on the model, the line capacity is up to m 0. With the Black Widow 25 A the DAIWA engineers designed a distortion-proof reel with high winding power, which features an outstanding price-performance ratio. Sea reels 68 Angler dreams are coming true. For the season an entirely new Saltiga series enters the market, which fully convinces thanks to the application of a high-tech monocoque body matched with a completely new design.

Please visit www. From size on, the bail is turned by hand. As a result, the power transmission and lifespan are significantly increased. Additionally, also the teeth at the drive wheel are enlarged which leads to a better durability and also prolongs the lifespan. The distortion-proof aluminum body cares for an optimal housing of the gear and ensures permanent smooth running.

Depending on the size the BG MQ reels are the proper choice for medium-heavy spin fishing in fresh water – particularly for heavy lures and permanent application – but are also suited for extreme sea fishing for tuna and GT.

The sizes and are the fitting powerhouses for medium-heavy and heavy fishing in Norway for large cods and halibut. By enlarging the teeth in the driving wheel, also the lifespan of the gear is further improved and the MQ design cares for an optimal and distortion-proof housing of the gear within the body.

The special coating procedure prevents corrosion under the paint layer. The ATD drag system features premium carbon fiber drag discs and ensures optimum drag performance under strain and without high starting resistance, which additionally enlarges the lifespan, also when frequently applied for extra- tough fights — perfect for medium-sized Tunas, Doggies and GT!

With extra- loud drag clicker! The HardBodyZ reel body, made of aluminum, cares for a distortion-proof housing of the Digigear II and optimal power transmission during the fight with the fish. Especially for the use of braided lines the ABS aluminum spool has been equipped with a central rubber ring, which completely prevents slipping of smooth braided lines under strain.

The reel handle is firmly screwed into the reel body and is housed distortion proof and securely — perfect when heavy strains have to be transmitted at sea fishing. Starting at size these reels are also perfectly suited for the use at heavy jigging or uncompromising fishing for catfish. With ordinary levelwind reels, line coming of the spool ends is forced through the line guide at a sharp angle. The result is casting friction, especially when the line guide is parked on one side of the reel.

Conventional levelwind TWS levelwind The reel setting is pre- configured which eliminates the need to adjust the mechanic drag. Smaller lures can be casted in a highly convenient manner.

Perfect for smaller lures. This leads to reduced backlashes and an optimized casting performance. In comparison to the SV concept the magnetic drag comes into play during the final phase of the cast. The surface of the pinion gear is specially treated to prevent electrostatic corrosion.

The Ultimate Tournament Drag ensures a perfect interaction between drag control, drag power and super-soft drawing of the line. CNC milled digitally developed power gear for highest strains. The precision of the gear teeth is tenfold elevated compared to conventional gears. Highly precise casting control system, which prevents tanglings. It controls the centrifugal force of the spool during the first half of the cast, when the threat of tanglings is very high.

Afterwards it reduces the resistance automatically and therefore enables longer casts, since less drag pressure is exerted at the spool. The frame and the lateral parts, which bear the gear are made of Air Metal magnesium, which leads to highest stability and distortion-proofness at a low weight. The Magforce 3D system offers you the choice, how far the magnets are placed from the spool, therefore adjusting the drag strength.

Perfect all-round setting for most applicatons. This enables the characteristic light and smooth running of the Ryoga HL — even under tough strains — and makes it a perfect Big Bait reel.

The ATD drag system with click sound runs without starting resistance and is combined with SiC inlays, which offer tremendous advantages concerning losses while fishing with braided lines. The Double Stopper is a combination of Infinite-System with an additional, mechanical stopper — ideal for great temperature fluctuations and very low temperatures.

This gear is further strengthened by larger teeth in the traction wheel but offers nevertheless a very smooth and round functioning due to a special manufacturing procedure. The Hyper Tough Clutch lever has been optimized to remain safely in its position also at vigorous casts. Due to the Hyper Double Support the pinion gear is mounted via each a ball bearing at both sides, leading to a better and more even power transmission from the handle.

The surface of the pinion gear is specially treated to prevent electrostatic corrosion and to enlarge the lifespan. With drag clicker. Spool diameter: 34mm Perfect for very small and lightweight lures. Also suited for sea fishing! The extremely large teeth of the traction wheel care for an improved power transmission and lifespan of the gear unit while ensuring a smooth running at the same time. Spool diameter: 36mm Drag power: 5.

Perfect for applying crankbaits, fishing in greater depths or for sea fishing. The Hyper Drive Design concept stands for a combination of diverse features that optimize the lifespan and handling of the reel. The new SV Boost drag concept optimizes the casting distance and reduces the threat of backlashes. Due to the SV concept this reel is preadjusted for the use of smaller lures of the g class as well as for casting heavier lures up to 60g without backlashes.

The T-Wing system cares for reduced friction during the cast and optimizes the casting distances. Perfect for surface lures, spinnerbaits and for pelagic fishing with smaller and medium-sized lures. Spool diameter: 34mm Drag power: 4. The Morethan has especially been developed for the usage with braided lines in fresh or salt water. The lightweight G1 duraluminum spool in combination with the tuned Magforce-Z drag system, which is perfectly adapted for braided lines, ensures improved casting distances as well as trouble-free fishing.

The ATD drag system runs without starting resistance and offers additional control with thin braided lines within critical moments during the fight with the fish. Furthermore the spool provides a greater line capacity than its predecessor. Due to the usage of a super lightweight spool with a diameter of only 30mm, the starting resistance is reduced noticeably and thus weights below 5gr can be cast easily. At the same time the spool is strong enough to be fished with strong braided lines of 30lbs and to cast also heavy weights up to 28g.

Thanks to the small spool, the reel body could be designed in a smaller and more compact way — thus the reel is very handy and enables enduring effortless fishing. The integrated TWS system reduces the line friction during the cast and enables additionally longer casts. The magnesium reel body only weights g! Perfectly suited for finesse fishing.

Drag power: 4. This is due to the reduced line friction during the cast, since the line exits the reel at a considerable larger angle, which causes less friction.

At retrieving, the T-construction is folded into the reel body and the line is guided over the conventional levelwind system. This new generation of the T-Wing system caused huge sensations among the scene at its introduction in the USA. Additionally the spool of the Tatula runs extremely smooth and enables great casting distances.

Also the further equipment is extraordinary for a baitcast reel within this price segment and convinces with many more elucidated details — focusing on the new Air Rotation system, where the gear is hardly noticeable at retrieving the bait. The extra-strong brass gear also withstands the use of heavy shads of cm. Thanks to the 7 CRBB this reel is also the proper choice for fishing in brackish water, e.

The Air Rotation gear cares for a silky-smooth running. The Air Rotation gear is hardly perceptible during retrieving and ensures an extremely soft running of the spool. Even smallest lures can be cast easily and with high accuracy. The SV concept additionally prevents the threat of backlashes at the cast. Thus, you can fully concentrate on the cast and the lure presentation. Only when the lure reaches the water surface at the end of the casts, it is advisable to stop the spool shortly with the thumb.

The Tatula SV TW is even more compact than the previous models and can easily be enclosed by the hand for daylong fishing. Additionally, the reel weight has been reduced further to incredible grams! The double stopper design reliably prevents the anti-reverse from turning free at very cold conditions and at extreme strain.

The perfect reel for targeting large pikes in springtime in shallow waters with XXL shads using the shallow-screw system. Suited for lures up to approx.

The XSL features a drag power of 11kg. Left hand version Art. The Speed-Shaft system in combination with the finely adjustable magnetic drag furthermore guarantees long casting distances while the Magforce drag system reliably prevents line tanglings.

Ideal for vertical and jerkbait fishing. Being alone on the boat, you now can retrieve the bait at the same time while steering the boat. This reel shows its whole power especially during tough fights with halibut and coalfish in Norway — due to its digital depth counter, you can present the lure with the optimal distance to the ground – an invaluable benefit when coalfish predate in the middle water and you need to provide your lure constantly at the same depth!

Thanks to its great gear transmission and its strong Power-Gear you can retrieve your lure for a check at the surface quickly and effordless — you retrieve cm per handle turn!

Due to its special construction, this reel is additionally very lightweight and allows enduring effortless fishing. The maximum drag power of 13kg offers more than enough power to fight even with strong fish. For many years the Tanasensor has been called a paragon for reliability and power among Norway anglers. Especially the powerful gear is a real benchmark, which successfully has lifted up many large specimen out of great depths over the years.

The electronic display with depth counter offers great advantage when fishing in medium depth or over difficult ground, because you always know where your lure is located. The gear offers an enormous power transmission and retrieving power — indestructible under normal fishing conditions! The Tanasensor is the perfect choice when there is need for power and reliability! The automatic line lay ensures an optimal wrapping of your line — you fully can concentrate on fishing.

At final winding in, the last meter of line should not be pulled through to ensure instant working of the line lay. The powerful gear in combination with the high transmission rate of 6. TANACOM Electro reels This strong electric multiplier reel with a 12V engine provides convenient assistance at deep sea fishing for ling, redfish and cusk, when heavy rigs have to be retrieved from great depths. The premium engine is reliably working even under high strain and offers enough power reserves to lift also big fishes up to the surface.

The Tanacom can be operated by hand or via engine. TANACOM Electro reels After the great success of the Tanacom calls for a somewhat larger model with greater line capacity and stronger engine, which can also be applied at greater depths, have grown louder. The Tanacom offers exactly these features: extreme line capacity and a very robust engine, which reliably pulls your rig to the surface also from great depths.

Series Length C. Closed Length Sections Weight No. Guides Page Baitcast Art. Guides Page 12ft 13ft 12ft 3. According to the slogan: more muscles, less fat. This is our way to construct continuously improved rods. Since this material is very expensive, it is only used for our top rods.

The action is ultra fast and the notorious torque is reduced to a minimum. Usual “Pre Preg” carbon fiber At standard carbon fiber materials the resin content is very high, while the amount of carbon fiber is low. Rods made of this material are heavier, not that well-balanced and feature a slower action than our rods made of HVF or SVF material.

The reduced weight optimizes the rod action – the rod gets essentially faster and resiles clearly faster. Additionally the use of carbon fiber framed guides reduces vibration of the guides during the cast — more precise casts are the consequence. Whoever takes a rod with AGS guides in the hand will realize immediately the dramatic difference to conventional guides and actions.

Thanks to AGS the tip resiles faster. This implies less strain for the blank and results in a clearly improved resilience. The frame construction reduces the threat of tanglings. Especially at headwind and the use of braided lines the threat of losing lures due to tanglings at the guides is high.

AGS guides enable an “escape” of the line at tanglings without knots or loss of the lure. At our Nanoplus technology the resin material first is enriched with a nanoalloy compound and then is used for connecting the single carbon fibers, thus enabling the design of very lightweight and robust blanks.

Comparison of the stiffness of carbon and titanium: Carbon features an approximately 3-fold stiffness compared to titanium and therefore is the ideal material for guide construction — the carbon frames of the AGS guide support the sensitivity of the blank like no other material. In contrast to conventional carbon fibers, where the fabric structure always is oriented 2-dimensionally, with 3DX 3D-Cross DAIWA has developed a 3-diminsional carbon fiber material.

Special carbon fiber material for the improvement of the torsion- resistance. This construction makes the rods stronger and more distortion-proof. Despite the increased distortion-proof- ness the flexibility is maintained. This implies that X45 rods are not only stronger and cast more precisely, but also support the angler at the presentation of delicate lures and at ending the fight with the fish safely.

This “skeleton” enhances the compression, improves the flexural strength and makes the blank faster. The rod features always the same power transmission — regardless the direction of movement. Additionally the rod features obviously reduced torque — more precise casts are the consequence. The hexagonal pattern is widely distributed in nature and has ever been the basis for substantial technical innovations. The carbon fiber nano particles within the material increase its stability and reduce its weight.

The spigot joint thus can be dimensioned even slimmer. The carbon fibers follow a degree angle. The consequence is higher strain resistance and an improved bending curve. By applying and combining exclusive DAIWA technologies like Super Compile-X carbon fiber, 3DX carbon fiber material, X45 carbon fiber construction, Nanoplus material and ultra-lightweight AGS carbon fiber guides extremely fast and distortion-proof rods have been created, which are incredibly lightweight and well-balanced.

The Morethan Branzino AGS rods instantly resile to the starting position after the cast and thus enable extremely long and accurate casts. You will be welcomed to visit our factory. Detailed Images. Cooperating Brand. Team and Show. You May Like. Not exactly what you want? Full instructions are included. Requires 3 x AA batteries not included Features LCD screen Display Selectable feeding intervals between — Anti tamper – Control buttons are covered to prevent tampering 6 individual feeding compartments Each separate tray holds about 60g of dry or semi-wet food, for a total capacity of g The tray is easy to remove and clean Extra low power consumption allows 3 meals a day for at least days Requires 3 x AA batteries not included Dimensions: H60mm x Diamm.

Reviews Ash. I bought it for my cat, it was delivered very quickly but item is absolutely useless. It was impossible to set timers, instruction is terrible. I had to return it and bought different one. Not recommending to anyone. I saw review before and still decided to buy it and it was big mistake See questions and answers. Customer reviews. How are ratings calculated? Instead, our system considers things like how recent a review is and if the reviewer bought the item on Amazon.

It also analyzes reviews to verify trustworthiness. Top reviews Most recent Top reviews. Top reviews from Canada. There was a problem filtering reviews right now.

Please try again later. Verified Purchase. Everything was great. I contacted the seller and they respond quickly. The best thing about it is that it catches a lot of carp and a very huge catfish. Very good. Great product. Very fast delivery. I like all the different weights of them.


Feeder 360 60g free download.SEMA Catalogue 2010 – Csali butik

This is our way to construct continuously improved rods. The BBS indication on each product, provides the number of the bearings used on the reel. When presenting small and medium-sized hardbaits and soft plastic lures using feeder 360 60g free download baitcasting reel, the Triforce Caster with ergonomically shaped trigger reel seat and a casting нажмите чтобы прочитать больше of g is the rod to choose. As a result, the body is remarkably stiff, and this has allowed the engineers to also include a good seven metres in the series.❿

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Closed lengths of 67cm to 78cm allow a feeder 360 60g free download transport in the luggage — expensive rod transportation tubes feeder 360 60g free download now on belong to the past. Sliding guides on all sections of the rods, wrapped on ultralight carbon pipes. Ultraslim body made from metal alloy Feeder 360 60g free download screws on exterior parts Superlight rotor made from spacecraft metal alloy Aluminium spool Titanium Line Roller Free Runner system Infinite anti-reverse Aluminium one touch folding handle. When you start using this rod with a grams waggler you can really understand the essential quality of this project. The extremely delicate running allows utmost sensitive lure presentation when fishing for pike, zander and perch. In case of damage the tip sleeve can be replaced within seconds thanks to the special screw-in system. Http:// of being in line, they follow a spiral which surrounds the blank, downlowd aligned only in the top area, with the last guides and the top guide oriented downward. Two fibreglass quiver tips больше на странице included: Light, Heavy. The reliability of the Max Plus Bolentino is total, thanks to the high knot strength which is a sound guarantee in front of fights that can be long and challenging. It is able to throw even heavier loads on long distances; at the same time it can – as well as other rods of this serie rree.

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