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January 12, 2023
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January 22, 2023

Acronis true image 2017 gpt support free

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Acronis true image 2017 gpt support free

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Very disappointed there is not an option or a question asked by Acronis if I would like to switch to GPT to match the computer. Joseph, just curious, but did you clone the drive on the same system or with rescue media? If using the live clone, it should clone the drive to match the original drives disk type 1 for 1. However, if cloning on a different system than the one the disk is going into, then it will create the disk type to match that of the system the clone is being done on and may not match what is needed on the other system.

The resulting clone will then have that disk type in the end. I tried it both ways. Obviously I tried the direct clone tool first because it would be quickest. Then after trial and error finding out it wouldn’t boot I did a disk backup then restore to the new HDD.

Both ways the disk clone operation resulted in an unbootable disk. The abovementioned other clone software worked perfectly the first time and was a free version and also maintained the disk signature, making sure I didn’t have to reactivate all my software.

Big failure for Acronis in this case. Usually True Image works very well. Been using this software for years, with a business license, and this automatic conversion BS has forced me to go with an alternative solution. Shame on you acronis. Dear Jan , sorry to know that you’re disappointed with the software because of the auto-conversion. I had to manually disable the Acronis services to get Photoshop to work again. That wasted an hour with none of the bootable images actually being able to boot – either wouldn’t be recognised or would try to load the Acronis software and fail with MBR errors.

Ended up having to do the clone on my PC and guess what By now I’ve probably wasted 4 hours and had to download 3rd party free software to do the job instead of using the TrueImage software that I paid for. The TrueImage experience has become so fragmented and flaky that you’ve lost me as a customer I’m afraid.

When you load True Image on the desktop it consists of so many separate tools, each with so many suboptions, such that you never really know what you’re supposed to be clicking. And when the software does try to hide the complexity and automate something it changes the disk partition scheme such that the disk won’t boot.

This used to be a great product that used to “just work”. The past 2 or 3 times I’ve used it over the years something always goes wrong and wastes hours of your time. Currently the default behavior is that formatting is based on the machine running the clone tools boot mode. This behavior depends on the choices you make during that cloning process, i. There was no option to select MBR in manual mode. And blaming the problem on me making bad choices is not good customer service.

Count me as another dissatisfied customer. I will not jump through hoops to get software I paid for to work as it should. I guess I just wasted money buying a new version for my new PC. I will be going with a different solution. Paul, you do not need to buy a new version for your new PC, you can transfer the licence from you old PC to the new one.

Although ATI is getting rather dated. There are some free solutions that may meet your needs. The fact that Acronis management is too stupid to jump right on this is evidence I don’t want to use your software any more.

I’d like a refund, but the blame dodgers would never hold themselves accountable. The source of the cloned drive is all that matters. No argument. Customer is right, especially on this.

Count me in as another angry customer. I’ve been fighting this issue for the last year and thought I was doing the right thing by upgrading to ATI I kept looking for some way to turn off the automatic conversion to GPT when restoring image files to a drive.

The other thing that constantly frustrates me is the inability to save the default image location and other options. When I create a new backup and choose the partitions and destination, the very next thing I have to do is turn off the scheduling before I do the backup.

Why can’t I choose the default Destination and Options? I guess I was silly to think that after all these years, simple preferences like that could be saved. John Hanks , ata moro. So, I had a brain wave. I’ll make an image of the drive and then restore the image to the SSD, that’ll surely work right? Helpfully converts partition to GPT rendering it useless. Please Acronis, stop your software doing this automatically.

At least when you display “Converting to GPT so this drive can boot” at the bottom of the screen, place a tick box that overrides it so I can keep it MBR. I did. The free version of Macrium reflect worked whereas the product I have paid for and continually upgraded since approx does not. I may not renew it again. I’ll try to clarify the latest status for this request and post an update. Ekaterina, thankyou for your replies to this issues.

Unfortunately through no choice of my own our vendor that supplies the automation optimisers on our production systems chose Acronos True Image for the backup solution. I would have gone somethign else. This issue is causing me great pain. I store s of backup files for our many optimiser servers on a NAS and need to frequently restore disks when a failure occurs. When I can’t do this we literally can not run our production line. This specific issue had me greatly frustrated not being able to return our systems to working order because of the lack of ability to just image to MBR when needed.

I spent a day or so of pain due to this very unusual situation. I fully understand the need for the default behaviour but you MUST give the user the option. I am slowly transitioning to Macrium reflect as this does it fine but this will take some time and I have many historical backups. I have managed a work around with repair tools and will try the suggested rescue media boot. But having to boot my workstation to the resuce media is not a practical option ongoing or having another machine decicated just for t.

However, I should note that for such use-cases and environment we recommend using Acronis Cyber Protect 15 our business solutions since Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office and earlier versions of Acronis True Image are not aimed at covering use-cased like this. I had the same unexpected MBR-GPT conversion problem, so I’m really grateful for the heads-up about Macrium Reflect – notwithstanding its less than intuitive interface, it worked fine. I was just trying to help a friend, whose Windows 7 hard drive was sick, to clone it to a new one before free-upgrading to Windows So, without the Macrium solution, I would have had to attempt upgrading to Windows 10 before cloning, which would have left me nowhere to go if something had gone wrong.

Ekaterina, you say that ‘Acronis True Image in its current implementation is mostly focused on the individual home users with the general knowledge of computer systems’. Surely such users, like myself, are much less likely than the gentlemen above even to notice unexpected behaviour such as the ‘helpful’ conversion to GPT leave alone understand its consequences Frustrated enough not to recommend Acronis to their friends, or upgrade to the next version I’m afraid that recommending a more expensive ‘business’ product to perform such a basic task – so basic that a free product can do it – isn’t likely to endear loyal ‘home’ customers such as myself several purchases in the last 8 years to continue investing in Acronis.

If your customers say it’s a bug and not a feature, it’s better to apologise for the inconvenience than to imply some kind of user-error, or that we’ve invested in the wrong product :o. Authored on. Order Asc Desc. Date within – Any – 1 day 3 days 1 week 2 weeks 1 month 2 months 6 months 1 year. Stop converting disks to GPT please! Thread needs solution. Daniel Thompson. Posts: 1. Comments: 4. Steve Smith. Posts: Comments: Daniel, welcome to these User Forums.

Products: Acronis True Image 9. Comments: 5. The article describes a procedure for permitting the servers activated in Cloud to update their static DNS records with IP addresses assigned during Cloud activation in Test or Production subnets. Log in to your account on Acronis webpage and check for the latest build in My products and Downloads section.

Download build manually if it is later than We have had a few requests to develop a bit optimized version of Acronis Files Connect, but we do not believe it would provide users or administrators with any noticeable improvements compared to running the bit version on bit systems. Skip to main content. Search Search.

This article applies to: Acronis True Image Symptoms You are trying to move license from one computer to another. After pressing Move license button, it becomes grayed out; window is not closed and product is not activated. Cause This is a known issue. Acronis True Image: “Failed to parse the license file”. Limitations on dynamic and GPT disks support. Acronis True Image Renaming Backups. How do I rename my backup?

NAS devices are automatically detected and offered as backup location. Update SnapAPI drivers or reinstall the product to resolve the issue. Adding a machine to the Acronis Management Server fails with “The machine has already been registered”. Cloned machines have the same ID.

This article applies to: Acronis True Image Acronis Backup can be set up to notify you by e-mail about backup and recovery task successful completion, failure or when user interaction in required.

E-mail notifications are not available in Acronis Bootable Media. To set up e-mail notifications:. To fix the issue, update to the latest build.

How to proceed if Acronis Agent cannot find license. Acronis Backup: warning “drivername. Symptoms You are applying Universal Restore to a machine. Drivers for Acronis Universal Restore operation are on the bootable media itself or on any external storage, and the bootable media is able to connect to that location, driver files are visible.

After Universal Restore starts, you see a message, similar to this: Cannot find file ‘drivername. Acronis True Image how to change Acronis Drive letter.



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Acronis True Image is an integrated application that enables you to clone basic drives (both MBR and GPT) to other drives, even if the target. Acronis True Image is an integrated application that enables you to clone basic drives (both MBR and GPT) to other drives, even if the target. When I’m cloning a disk it always insists on converting it from MBR 3rd party free software to do the job instead of using the TrueImage. Limitations on dynamic and GPT disks support. Acronis True Image Impossible to Back Up to Spanned/Striped Volume in Windows XP. This is a known issue. Introduction This article explains how to clone a disk in both Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office and Acronis True Image.❿

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